The Soapsmith

We sat down with Jackie Fazekas, the force behind Fazeek, a brand that's changing the game with their sustainably produced homemade soaps and candles.

Where do you call home?


Have you always been a designer? 

Yes, but I started as a fashion designer and worked in that area for 15 years.

What was the last great book you read?  

Just Kids by Patti Smith

What would we find on your playlist in your studio/office?

Oh this is a hard one as it really is mood related but a couple of them are Arthur Russell, The Specials, and Aldous Harding 

If you weren’t doing Fazeek, what would we find you doing?

I love creating and art direction so I think it would be in that field… helping other brands would be amazing.

What does sustainability in design mean to you?

Well there is A LOT to this but for me it's always creative something with an afterlife… Like our candles… terrazzo candles make the most amazing vase after and our glass candles are the most beautiful drinking glasses rather then just a jar that gets thrown away at the end of the burn.

Dream holiday destination? 

Oh I would have to say it would be Lisbon in Portugal. My partner is from there and we haven’t been able to go there together yet.

If an out of towner was visiting, where would you take them?

Heidi Gallery is my favourite place in Melbourne. It’s like stepping into a different world when you go there… from the architecture to the contemporary exhibitions they put on. 

Describe your style in 3 words. Timeless, sleek, simplicity with a twist. Sorry more then three words! Ha!

Favourite Instagram feeds? 

@teaaalexis @sightunseen @yellowtrace 

Do you collect anything and if so what? 

I’ve just started collecting perfumes… Scent is so mood related and since starting Fazeek my love of scent is all encompassing.

Summer or winter?  

Really it would be autumn or spring, but winter over summer for sure. I love wearing layers!

Favourite Restaurant/Cafe? 

Ohhhh this is a hard one.. but I love Japanese so it would most likely be Aka Siro in Collingwood. Tiny little place and unassuming but so delicious. 

What takes your breath away? 

I’m a big foodie… so amazing product does blow my mind grown by local incredible producers that we have in Australia. Eating that food with a beautiful view of the sea does help even more to take my break away.

Favourite Australian product? 

Maybe this is a little biased but our soaps and candles hehe 

Why shop local?

Why not?!? We have so many amazing designers in Australia in all fields with so many incredible retailers that believe in them that why wouldn’t we keep supporting the local economy. 

Do you have a signature scent?  

Yes, it’s new but I’m obsessed. I found it in New York when I recently did a trade show there. It’s actually a Japanese Perfume brand called J-Scent and the scent is called black leather. I’m a lover of unisex scents as you can tell by the scents we use and this is the perfect woody and smoky unisex scent.

Favourite Cocktail? Favourite Flower? 

Margarita for sure.. especially a spicy one! Dahlias are my favourite flower. 

Use one word to describe Jim & Jane.