Juliet Souter of Marle New Zealand

A conversation with Juliet Souter of Jim & Jane newbie Marle Clothing on all things sustainability, life on New Zealand's North Island, and holiday dreaming.


Where do you call home? 

We live in Mount Maunganui which is a beach town on the East Coast of New Zealand’s North Island

Have you always been designers? 

I’ve always been in the fashion industry in some capacity.  I studied fashion design with the intention of starting my own brand but started my career in different areas before starting Marle 5 years ago. 

What was the last great book you read?  

A Little Life – one of the most harrowing books I’ve read but incredible none-the-less.

What would we find on your playlist in your studio/office?

We have quite a mix ranging from Ryhe radio to Fleetwood radio, both on Spotify 

If you weren’t doing Marle, what would we find you doing?

I’m fascinated and intrigued by the human mind so I would be in psychology if not in a design role

What does sustainability in design mean to you? 

Sustainability means having a conscience and standing for something with your brand and taking care with what you’re putting out in the world. For myself and my business ensuring we keep our footprint light by using materials that biodegrade and eliminating plastic from our production by using compostable packaging has been my biggest focus.

Dream holiday destination? 

Right now an overseas holiday would be a dream come true.  For now, a dream it will remain…I’d love to explore more of Italy and immerse myself in day to day life in one of the smaller towns or islands.

If an out of towner was visiting, where would you take them?

I would take them for a walk up Mauao to capture the incredible views from the top and then over to Matakana Island for a peaceful day at the beach

What are you currently coveting?

I’m currently coveting all things homeware, particularly a bowl by woodturner, Sam Choi from Walk in the Park.  They’re all beautiful works of art 

Describe your style in 3 words. 

Simple, elegant, comfortable

Favourite Instagram feeds?

Sophie Pinet is always posting inspiring images 

Do you collect anything and if so what? 

I don’t collect a single item but I always love to buy a memento when travelling, even if its something mundane ( I recently bought some wooden spoons on a girls trip at the local grocer on Waiheke Island). I like to have something to remind me of special times with special people

Summer or winter?  

My favourite season is Autumn, the perfect mix of both summer and winter

Favourite Restaurant/Cafe? 

At home, I love Alpino and elsewhere…10 Williams in Paddington Sydney, what I would give for the pretzel! 

What takes your breath away? 

My kids and the beauty of Mother Nature

Favourite Australian / New Zealand product.... 

Locally made Kawakawa Balm, incredible for a multitude of reasons.

Why shop local? 

Now more than ever, shopping local is imperative, we all need to support our local community not forgetting the local green grocer, butcher, florist etc, the bigger corporates can handle this climate, we need to be mindful with who we’re spending with in order to keep the culture alive in our towns and cities

Do you have a signature scent?  

At home I often burn incense, I’m currently using the Astier de Villatte Tucson sticks.  I don’t have a particular body fragrance but I always go for a more androgynous scent, something with a strong base note. 

Favourite Artist? Favourite Cocktail? Favourite Flower? 

I have too many favourite artists to name just one, however one that I would love to add to my walls one day would be Nick Herd.  My favourite cocktail is a gin sour and favourite flower is just too hard to think of a single one, I adore flowers

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