The Sicilian Sisters Behind Soru

Founded in 2009, Soru is a British jewellery brand crafting exquisite, luxe jewellery from high quality materials at affordable prices. Everything is ethically handcrafted in Italy and Turkey. A new addition to the Jim & Jane family, we had a chance to sit down with the half-Sicilian, half-British sisters behind the brand, Francesca and Marianna, to talk about what inspires them, their design process, and more. 

 Hi Francesca and Marianna, where do you call home?

We both live in a small village in Warwickshire - quintessentially English.

Have you always been jewellery designers? How did Soru start?
It started with a passion for jewellery and no formal training in design! Francesca worked as a buyer for a huge jewellery retailer so that helped. We started Soru from home with virtually no budget and it grew slowly and organically from there.

All your pieces are designed in the UK and then handcrafted in Italy and Turkey. Can you tell us a little more about this process and the makers you work with?
Yes, we design our pieces in our offices in Solihull and then request samples to change and improve from our manufacturers in Italy and Turkey. We have close relationships with them and chat daily on whats app to get the process just right. They are small, family run workshops where everything is made by hand from scratch using high quality materials.

Many of your pieces remind us of jewellery from the Baroque and Renaissance eras – what inspires you?
Vintage jewellery is a huge inspiration, I think mainly because of the craftsmanship, which you can't find on the high street with today's throw away fashion. We try and create pieces that not only look good, but feel good too, and are tactile. Nature is also an inspiration for us, especially the skies and the seas.

What’s next for Soru?
We would love to branch out into homewares and also add to our fine jewellery offerings.

What has been your proudest moment at Soru?
Seeing the Duchess of Cambridge wear our earrings was a pretty big moment, I think we smiled for quite a while after that.

What is your favourite Soru piece?
The charms are really special, they are are detachable and really versatile. The Linda and Ionian necklaces are also pieces I wear on repeat, along with the Mari earrings- perfect for everyday.

What’s a travel destination you can’t wait to visit?
Sicily, again, because its been so long since we have been back and cant wait to be there again when travel becomes easier. It's a magical place.

What would we find playing in your studio/office?
I'm not going to lie- nothing! We cant get our radio to work so it's just chatting noise at the moment! 

If an out of towner was visiting, where would you take them?
To nearby Stratford-upon-Avon (the birthplace of Shakespeare) for some history and a wander by the river or to watch a show at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Or a day out at one of our favourites- Dalesford Farm in the Cotswolds for a delicious, healthy lunch, some retail therapy and maybe even a spa treatment.

What are you currently coveting?
This might sound strange- but our Celestial Micro Mosaic pendant. I haven't been able to get my hands on one yet because each piece takes months to make and our customers come first! But it's my 40th birthday soon and that is at the top of my birthday list.

Favourite Instagram feeds?
@thefashionbugblog, @tashsefton for fashion, @juliaberolzheimer for home, and @mirandakerr for wellness.

Last great book you read?
We are both reading Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton at the moment which is very interesting. I'm reading it because Francesca bought it me for Christmas, she's trying to get me into more science books! I usually prefer history though, especially mythology and really enjoyed Circe by Madeline Miller and all of the mythology books that Stephen Fry has written.

Favourite cocktail?
A negroni or a french martini.

Favourite flower?
Hydrangeas and Jasmine.

Favourite artist?

Why shop local?
Because it makes more sense on every level.

Use one word to describe Jim & Jane?
Well curated (sorry I cheated and used two).