Susannah Fairley

Susannah Fairley's fine jewellery creations have been a favourite at Jim & Jane since the brand's inception. We were lucky enough to chat with the busy designer about what inspires her, Fairley's upcoming collection, and her favourite holidays of years gone by.

We all know you as the face behind your amazing brand Fairley… Tell us three things about yourself we may not know.

  1. I have 2 gorgeous children; Jack (aged 4) and Ella (aged 2)
  2. I was a terrible student but excelled in later years
  3. I grew up in Rochester to a prominent retail family who owned and operated Fairley’s Department Store in Shepparton.

Where do you call home?


What makes your heart Sing?

Being with my family and working at FAIRLEY.

Favourite part of the design and manufacturing process?

Seeing new designs come to life.

Our customers know your brand to be Australian designed, however we know your supply chain is a global one…what’s your favourite country (excluding Australia of course) and has this special place influenced your designs?

Each collection is inspired by different places I have visited. I like to soak up the culture, the fashion, architecture and cuisine. Our current collection, La Dolce Vita was heavily inspired by a recent trip to Italy and its magnificent Amalfi coast.

How do sustainability and ethical production play a part in Fairley? As we are all moving to a greener and fairer future do you have any plans and goals you can share with us either personally or at a business level?

We are committed to the ethical sourcing of our products and work closely with suppliers and manufacturers. Our strong relationship ensures that they adhere to our code of conduct, which outlines strict standards of business behaviour and human rights. 

A year or so ago we switched to recycled silver to reduce our carbon footprint.

Who is a style icon to you?

Stephanie Gottlieb is a jewellery designer also and has great style.

What can’t you live without?

A coffee and exercise session in the morning and holidays.

Going out or staying in? If its going out – where is your favourite place to eat? Staying in..whats your go to dish?

I love going out, mixing with friends and having a few drinks. My favourite restaurant in Melbourne is France Soir.

What music are you currently listening to?

Acoustic classics by artists like John Mayer, Angus & Julia Stone and my husband on the guitar. 

What is your favourite TV Series or Movie?


Tell us a bit about your upcoming collection and how it differs to previous collections.

SS20 is all about elegance and sophistication. I have incorporated some beautiful semi-precious stones such as Crystal Quartz and Amazonite to create statement cocktail pieces perfect for the summer months. Pearls are in abundance and used in a contemporary and unique way.

What do you do to unwind?

Watch Crime thrillers on Netflix and read.

Favourite Cocktail?

Vodka Martini

Describe Jim & Jane in one word.

Eclectic sophistication (2 words).

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