The Loving Alchemists

Husband and Wife duo Emma Watson and Damian Amos met as naturopathy students back in Melbourne in 2006. Together, the pair founded Love Tea (fitting, given the pair fell in love experimenting with tea blends), a sustainable tea brand creating ethically-sourced blends for wellness. We spoke to Damian and Emma about their naturopathy roots, life by the ocean, and the importance of shopping local.

Where do you call home? 

We are lucky enough to live on the coast, just off the great ocean road in Victoria, Australia. Our family love to surf and spend time at the beach, so it was always our priority to ensure we were close to the beach, in a quiet location. 

Have you always been Tea Makers? 

Yes, but not professionally. I remember making my own blends with Mum’s herbal teas when I was younger and tinkering with different spices and teas in her kitchen. I started working with herbs and teas more seriously when I started studying Naturopathy in 2006. Damien grew up on a biodynamic farm in NSW, so his connection to herbs was formed at a young age and herbal teas have always been part of his life.

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What was the last great book you read?  

The Resilience Project- An amazing book, very simple and easy to read, yet it had quite an impact on my mindset and perspective. I’m also currently loving Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza, a great book for those interested in discovering tools to develop awareness and create the future you desire.
Damien’s is Peace is every breath – Thic Nhat Hanh

What would we find on your playlist in your studio/office?

Angus and Julia Stone

Tesky Brothers

Nick Mulvey

The Tallest Man Alive

Michael Kiwanuka

And a selection of meditation yoga music too.

If you weren’t doing Love Tea, what would we find you doing?

Great question. I think I would be practicing naturopathy and aiming to help people improve their health. I think Damien would be working with an environmental organisation (something like 1% For The Planet,) devoting his time to improving the health of planet.           

What does ethical & organic food production mean to you?

That the growth of the crop has the least negative impact on the environment, the people involved in the production of the crop and the consumer. That no chemicals are used in the production process, that the food still holds valuable nutrients for the consumer and the soil remains healthy.

Dream holiday destination? 

We do love Sri Lanka, but maybe Fiji, Samoa or Iceland, or more locally north W.A.

If an out of towner was visiting, where would you take them?

Great question. We are often faced with this question when our international partners visit us, usually having a limited time to spend here we usually take them somewhere on the great ocean road, considering that it is at our doorstep and reflects the natural beauty of the Australian coastline so perfectly. Then, we would take them to Melbourne for dinner, which offers such a wonderful opportunity for them to see the more cultural and diverse Australian city.

What are you currently coveting?

So many things, maybe for Damien its balance in his busy lifestyle, to have more time with family, to surf more and to even his lifestyle out a little more. I think for me its more of a question around how we can help people more I am constantly trying to figure out ways we can contribute to people’s wellbeing and to optimise their health each day.

Describe your style in 3 words. 

Authentic. Natural. Caring.

Favourite Instagram feeds? 

Hmm, tricky one. We are defiantly guided and inspired by many amazing companies, but I wouldn’t say that we have favourite Instagram feeds. I guess we are just less interested in social media, and more interested in learning from authentic and honest brands that have built something that I feel is far more significant than an Instagram feed. Some of these brands include Patagonia, Aesop, 1% For The Planet, Ere Perez, 7 Seeds Coffee etc etc

Do you collect anything and if so what? 

Hmmm, I feel like we are very good at not really collecting anything haha! We live very simply, we focus on quality over quantity, we don’t hoard materialistic items and as a family, we have a sound understanding of what we would and would not bring into our home. It’s a shoes off at the door, no plastic, slightly minimalist kind of life for us and we all understand this, even the kids. Long story short, we don’t really collect things, although if we did, I think it might be books or tea pots.

Summer or winter?  

Summer!!! We love the beach, the outdoors the sun shine on your skin, the heat, the long beach days and catching long sweet waves to the shore. All of these things come with warm weather and beautiful summer days.

Favourite Restaurant/Cafe? 

Mr. Wongs Sydney.

No Bones Byron Bay.

Yeah Boy Geelong.

Higher Ground Melbourne.

What takes your breath away? 

Proud moments with our kids. Long summer days at the beach. Beautiful poetry. A card from a loved one. The first cup of tea in the morning.

Favourite Australian product.... 

Pana and Loving Earth chocolates. Both delicious, healthy, are for the environment and don’t harm animals. 

Why shop local?

It’s obvious but if we shop as local as possible, we are supporting our local community.
When buying local, the local growers are able to provide regularly to their community stores, which means food travels less distance and oftentimes, holds higher nutrient content because the food isn’t stored for long periods of time.
The more we shop local, the more we strengthen the economy and livelihoods of the community and encourage a supportive and inclusive existence where we are able to connect more deeply with those around us.

Do you have a signature scent?  


Favourite Artist? Favourite Cocktail? Favourite Flower? 

Damien would say Monet, Andre 3000, and Nick Cave. For me, I think it would have to be Salvador Dali.

Gin and tonic.


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