Sonia Wong of Athletica Pilates

In our new interview series, we're highlighting the voices of customers and local business owners we look up to the in the community. First up is the incredible Sonia Wong of Athletica Pilates in Annandale, whose sessions have become a weekly must for us at Jim & Jane. We talk about self-care, staying connected, and how she's innovating health and fitness in a post-covid world.

What would you usually be doing Mon-Friday?

Pilates. I love it! Whether it’s teaching or practicing it is the one thing that I find centres me and always makes me feel amazing!

We love athletica pilates – what makes it so special?

Thank you. A / P (as it is fondly referred to by our clients) is a place where like minded people come together to not only strengthen and sculpt their body but also to enjoy each other’s company. The A / P community is really special, I love how passionate our clients are about their Pilates practice. I also love the fact that we have so many talented and interesting clients that give each other encouragement and share knowledge.

Describe yourself in one word.


How has your life changed for the better in the last month?

After the initial craziness of the COVID outbreak, the last month has allowed me to slow down and take stock of life.

As a business owner, what have you discovered about yourself lately and what do you do to remain inspired?

I’ve discovered how agile my team and I can be when it comes to running a small business.

We moved our business from bricks-and-mortar to online within a matter of days, all ahead of the initial Covid restrictions.

I remain inspired by talking and connecting with people. The sharing of knowledge and information amongst the A / P community is priceless. Our clients and instructors inspire me every day. 

What do you do to relax / wind down?

I love to travel north for a long weekend in Byron Bay or, go away to a health retreat for just a couple of days. Otherwise, a brisk walk around Annandale and Glebe actually helps me unwind.

In your career, what have you learnt from self-isolation that will steer you in a positive direction for the future? What changes to daily life do you hope will stay?

I have always been very career focused. In my previous work life I ran multiple fashion labels and over the last few years have been focused on building my Pilates studio. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, it has made me stop and take stock of what really matters both to me and to the people I love. It has made me reassess and adjust my work life balance. Self care is so important and is essential before we can care for others. The last few months have given me more time than ever to focus on my own health, well being and state-of-mind. I hope I can retain more ‘me time’ going forward

Favourite book?

Anna Karenina, The Kite Runner and The Book Thief

What are you currently coveting?

Trainers and active wear… I’m always on the hunt to add to my collection.

How are you staying connected?

I am very grateful for the support our clients and instructors have shown us over this time. We migrated the whole business to an online model when the initial Covid restrictions hit and, it was the only way we could all stay connected. We are now back in the studio but due to distancing requirements, we are only at half capacity which means we are running both the online and studio classes. It is amazing to be able to stay connected no matter what Covid has thrown at us.

Best Tips for taking one’s mind off all the white noise out there at the moment?

  • Focus on your health and fitness
  • Establish a routine for yourself - commit to classes or times for your workouts and hold yourself accountable to those. Once you embark on a routine where you and your health are the priority you feel so much better about yourself and in turn about everything that’s going on around you.
  • Try to maintain restraint when it comes to the wine rack and pantry.
  • Surrender to the situations you can’t control and rather focus on those you can. None of us know what the future holds so, make the most of today and control what you can.

Favourite Cocktail

A dirty Martini

Favourite Restaurant? Restaurants?

Seans Panorama, Continental Deli Newtown, Porteno, Bodega and A’Tavola.


Favourite Australian travel destination …

Margaret River is amazing…beautiful beaches and award winning vineyards… my idea of a great Summer holiday. I love the vibe and climate of Byron Bay for a quick getaway

One word to explain Jim and Jane

(Perfectly) Curated

What 3 items at jim & jane do you have already and love or currently have on your wishlist ( no pressure !!)

1. I love the Joslin Studios Regan Smock Top. I’m a jeans and boots girl so, tops that dress up the look are always great for me. I think this top would look amazing with skinny cropped jeans and some ankle boots. It’s currently on my wish list soon to be on my have list!

2. I have bought so much Jim & Jane jewellery over the years. I’ve got some great gold earrings and bangles. Every time i wear them i get asked where they are from. They are my go to for the final touches to an outfit.

3. Amber recently introduced me to the Fazeek Every day Hand Balm and I just love it. With so much hand washing and hand sanitising at the moment, my hands are really dry. My skin just drinks this balm up and makes it feel soft and supple. I’ll be stocking up on more of this range

4. Jim and Jane is also my go to for gift giving. I have found so many great gifts for a wide variety of different people and types of celebration.