Details. Simple classic details. And fabric. Beautiful beautiful fabric. Oh and then there is the fact that our customers love it with enthusiasm for the same reason we do. It sits quietly in the store, unassuming, gentle.. with little surprising and individual details just like its designer and founder Samantha Jones. It is a powerhouse of a label, each year gaining more and more followers and lovers. 

Where do you call home? 

Sydney is home for me. I live in the Inner West and love the busy, frantic lifestyle. I feel energised by the constant movement through the city.

Have you always designed clothing? 

Yes, designing has been my passion since I was small. Dolls outfits were reimagined and unsuspecting relatives were made over by my 10 year old self. Textures and shapes and the tiniest details are what excite me with designing. The simplest style may have hours of thought and research put into it, to create a detail that will make it stand apart and feel elevated.

Why is your business called POL? 

Pol is my best friends nickname from childhood, and when I started my label, I didn't want to use my own name. I wanted my brand to be a statement of quality rater than personal statement. In saying that, POL is extremely personal to me and is my heart and soul.

What is the last great book you read?

I read the time, sometimes up to a book a week, so it is only the exceptional books that will stay in my mind. The last book I read and absolutely loved was The Good People by Hannah Kent. She has the most astounding voice. I felt like I was actually in the story ad could almost feel the pain of the characters. 

What would we find your playlist in your studio/office?

The office has the radio tuned to Koffee Digital radio most of the time. It plays the most imaginative playlist I have ever heard, from Damien Rice to Bene. There are no ads and absolutely no speaking, so it feels like your iPod with a self updater.

If you weren't creating clothing what we find you doing?

Dancing. I have become obsessed with Classical Ballet and take three classes a week in the RAD syllabus. Least year I completed the intermediate level and have just started Advanced Foundation. Ballet is something I started as an adult and it is quite similar to creating clothing, as it requires passion and hard work to get anywhere. Each time I learn a new routine or accomplish a new technique, the hours of hard work and sweat have a certain level of satisfaction.

Dream Holiday destination?

It's hard to go past Paris, but my actual dream destination would have to be St Petersburg. I have read so much about the history and romance of the winters. One day..

If an out of towner was visiting you where would you take them?

Sydney has a long list of the most beautiful and iconic destinations. Cruising Sydney Harbour in a small sailboat has to be the winner for me. That out of towner would definitely want to come back for more!

What are you currently coveting?

Balenciaga boots.

Describe your style in 3 words.

Understated elegance

Favourite Instagram Feeds?

The Haute Pursuit, Harper and Harley, Iris Apfel or anything art, interiors and dance

Do you collect anything and if so what?

I'm not sure I would call it collecting so much as hoarding..but it has to be shoes. I also have a small collection of artwork by Camie Lyons, Jonathan Dalton, John Blackburn and Robert Doble.

Summer or Winter?

I love the easy dressing and glowy skin in Summer, even on the hottest days.

Favourite Restaurant/Cafe?

The Potting Shed at the Grounds

What takes your breath away?

Incredible sunrises or sunsets - the colours and patterns are never the same. Every time I see one I am in awe at what a beautiful world we live in.

Favourite Australian product?

Do Tim Tams count? Because they are the best biscuit ever.

Why shop local?

I am such a strong supporter of shopping locally. Communities are the modern family of our society, and local stores support communities, create friendships and trust. Shopping local is also important for our economy, stimulating local economies and creating local jobs.

Do you have a signature scent?

Dior J'Adore eau de Parfum

Favourite Artist? Favourite Cocktail? Favourite Flower?

Camie Lyons, Gin & Tonic, Australian Natives

Use one word to describe Jim & Jane.