The Water Baby

The newest addition to our growing family of artisans and designers, Zoe Kratzmann talks career, favourite books, and the importance of shopping local.

Where do you call home?

I'm a water baby…so I love to be as close as possible to the ocean… we're at Picnic Point on the Sunshine Coast.

Have you always been in the fashion/accessories industry? 

I have! My first casual job in high school was at Just Jeans, I loved retail and was hooked on the high of dressing people from the very start.

What was the last great book you read?  

Bridge of Clay by Markus Zusak...what a fantastic Aussie author, I could see all the character's so clearly and I felt for them and understood them. It's an Incredible read.

What would we find on your playlist in your studio/office?

I can't listen to music while I work. I find it really distracting. Quiet is best for me to work in, there's a bit of magic that can come from quiet. but in the car or the kitchen I love Middle Kids, Florence and the Machine, and anything a bit folky. I am drawn to female vocalists and I'm having a moment with Angie McMahon. 

If you weren’t designing for Zoe Kratzmann what would we find you doing?

In an alternate world I’d be some sort of fisherman, sailing my boat about Greece; Laughing and lunching with friends after my morning out fishing.  I'm intrigued by boats, I'd love to spend some time on a container ship.

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Dream holiday destination? 

Morocco is high on my list. 

If an out of towner was visiting you where would you take them?

I'd take them for walk through the Noosa National park stopping to swim in the beautiful coves along the way. Maybe a spot of lunch at Wasabi after.   

What are you currently coveting?

Right now, the only thing is want is summer!

Describe your style in 3 words. 

Effortless, elegant, unexpected.

Favourite Instagram feeds? 

I'm very visual but I love _nitch - poignant and thought-provoking quotes from artists, actors and musicians …  he truly captures what they stand for and what makes them tick.   

Do you collect anything and if so what? 

I'd love to say that I collected cats and that I have lots of them, but that's not exactly true- I only have 2.  I do have lots of eggs that I have collected on my travels. They are great memento’s and look gorgeous displayed in bowls around the house.

Summer or winter?  

Summer … for sure. 

Favourite Restaurant/Cafe? 

It's so tricky to answer that one. we lived In Hong Kong for 6 years and I love Asian food. Some of my favourite meals have been eaten in the street in Hong Kong and China. I'm a massive fan of noodles. If I had a last supper noodles would definitely feature.

What takes your breath away? 

I'm really moved by nature.  I've been known to cry on chairlifts in the snow. the sheer beauty Is simply too much sometimes. 

Favourite Australian product.... 

There are so many that I love but Aesop will always be a fav. I feel a little tingle of pride when I see their beautiful stores in amazing cities around the globe.  

Why shop local?

We yield Incredible power with our dollar and how we spend it. Once we realise this then it's impossible not to think about where we spend it.  There is so much information available about brands and companies: what they stand for, who actually owns them etc. I avoid Coles and Woolies and support the local grocers, butchers, farmers . Although, I once bought bread from Woolies and my kids gave me a hard time about it. It was great that they were aware of how Important it is to give your money to brands and stores that you support and believe In .

Do you have a signature scent?  

Penhaligon's , Halfeti.

Favourite Artist? Favourite Cocktail? Favourite Flower? 


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