Wool Wash


Take care of your much loved woolies with McIntyre's environmentally friendly wool wash. Fully biodegradable and gentle on washing machines, and made from a blend of Australian eucalyptus and tee tree oils, well known for their antibacterial, stain removing, and moth-deterrent superpowers.


500ml bottle (15 washes per bottle)

Free from: Chlorine, synthetic fragrances, phosphates, or optical brighteners.

Tested on jumpers, not animals

Made in Australia

How to use

Add a capful to a standard 5kg load. Always use the wool cycle on your washing machine on cold for best results. Dry garment flat on a towel once finished.


Eucalyptus, tea tree oil, water, vinegar, soap flakes, washing soda, alcohol, borax, bicarbonate soda.


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