Brass Chapati Tin


Who else loves Roti?

Mopping up the end of a lovely Roti we've ever had was post New years eve in Mumbai with friends over 10 years ago...we digress. Roti is also called Chapati and these lovely handmade Brass conatiners once housed the lovely warm unleven bread we've just discussed. These tins could be used for the same purpose but we love them for storing keepsakes, jewellery, plants or secrets safe from prying eyes. 

At the moment our man can source two sizes for us, small ( perfect for jewellery) and medium ( great for scraves or displaying plants).

What its made from:

Brass - Vintage

Where it's made:


Size & Details:



These were handmade and therefore are imperfect. Each tin has flaws and imperfctions which add to the patina and charm. Please note size and etched printing may vary slightly.


Clean with warm soapy water and polish using Brasso and elbow grease if you like it sparkly, otherwise a good dust every now and again with a soft cloth will suffice.

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