Brass Lock | Elephant


If you are heading to Paris we don't recommend you add this lock to the Pont de Arts or to any other bridge if publicly professing love is your thing. Instead we suggest using it as a paperweight, an objet d'art or infact as an actual lock keeping treasured things safe. We also don't recommend any Houdini-esque water and lock/ lost key tricks as this particluar item is handmade and you will need to swivel the key in the lock half way to open... It's an elephant, it's a lock, it's made from brass and it is pretty cool.

Also makes a great housewarming gift.

What it's made from:

Brass and Steel

Where it's made:


Size & Notes:

A little tricky to open given its handcrafted nature - to open or close push key in halfway before turning. It's like a trick within a lock - thief and idiot proof.

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