Grey glass oil burner
Glass Oil Burner in three colour ways retro style
Glass Oil Burner in three colour ways minimalist style
Amber Glass Oil Burner
Rose glass oil burner with a candle
Grey glass oil burner

Brule Parfum Oil Burner

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Sometimes Old School trumps the new order.. Maison Balzacs slightly retro oil burner ticks all the boxes. Simplify what you burn and add your favourite essential oil ( or Maison Balzacs Le Matin or Le Soir oil ) to water, use a beeswax or soy tealight and voila no nasty chemicals filling your precious home and a beautiful fragranced welcoming home. A perfect gift for a housewarming.


Pour Freshwater into the circular recipient (half way up), add 5 drops of Maison Balzac's Oil Burner Oil (Le Matin or Le Soir), Light tealight.

Always light in a secure place away from children, animals and flamable materials.  Do not move once lit and be wary of the glass as it may get hot, do not use oil without water and don't over oil the water otherwise it will be to strong.

Includes one Brule Parfum burner and x1 beeswax tealight candle.

Glass made in PRC, Beeswax Candle made in Australia