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sustainably harvested coral Pocillopora Verucosa

Colin the Sustainable Coral 1

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Introducing Colin the Sustainably Harvested Coral, aka Pocillopora Verucosa. Commonly referred to as the 'cauliflower' coral for its undulating, wavy growths, Colin makes the perfect neutral and calming addition to any bathroom, bookshelf, or coffee table.

Sustainable Harvesting 

Sustainable harvested by hand in Queensland. Coral is harvested from a protected section of the Great Barrier Reef recognised by Marine Park Zoning in strictly limited quotas from abundant and fast-growing coral species. Harvesters follow strict practices that leave coral bases and larval settlements intact. Responding to climate change and coral bleaching events, coral is not harvested from areas that have been afflicted by flooding, bleaching, or cycles to allow time for regeneration and growth.