birds eye view of a large piece of finger coral
birds eye view of a large piece of finger coral
coral and marble birds sitting on pegboard
closeup view of finger coral

Coral Finger Large

$475.00 $

We believe if you care about the environment but love Coral and would like to own a piece it is imperative to know where it comes from. We source our coral from Qld's most sustainable harvesters Marine Arts who have a long history of ecological practises. 

Sustainable Harvesting

Sustainable harvested by hand in Queensland. Coral is harvested from a protected section of the Great Barrier Reef recognised by Marine Park Zoning in strictly limited quotas from abundant and fast-growing coral species. Harvesters follow strict practices that leave coral bases and larval settlements intact. Responding to climate change and coral bleaching events, coral is not harvested from areas that have been afflicted by flooding, bleaching, or cycles to allow time for regeneration and growth. Due to the limited Quotas and nature of supply we only have coral available online from time to time.

Dimensions & Care

37cm x 28cm Width

11cm Height

Coral is fragile - please handle with care and always lift from underneath, wash by gentle hosing in shower and drying in the sunlight.

Please note we are unable to send Coral overseas.