Coral Thick Branch XL


It's a beauty isn't it? Rest assured this divine specimen of coral was sustainably harvested to very strict standards enabling you to have one of nature's amazing sculptures in your very own home. 

Sustainable Harvesting

Sustainably harvested by hand in Queensland. Coral is harvested from a protected section of the Great Barrier Reef recognised by Marine Park Zoning in strictly limited quotas from abundant and fast-growing coral species. Harvesters follow strict practices that leave coral bases and larval settlements intact. Responding to climate change and coral bleaching events, coral is not harvested from areas that have been afflicted by flooding, bleaching, or cycles to allow time for regeneration and growth.


36cm x 26cm Width

22cm high


Lightly hose and leave in the sunlight to dry out. Coral is delicate and chalk like in consistency so always lift from the base.

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