Debra Ear Jacket Earrings | Silver

Colour: Sterling Silver

One of our most popular styles, the Debra earrings are an elegant classic. Vintage inspired, this style can be worn four ways: with both components on the front of the lobe, with the components separated by the lobe, with the stud on its own, or utilising the larger back-piece with a stud of your choice. Tie a printed scarf in your hair and pair with dark sunglasses to channel your favourite heroine from old Italian cinema (think Monica Belluci or Sophia Loren).

Jim & Jane love the Debras for their versatility: a timeless style that evolves with us through constant reinventions of style and self.

Where they're made:

Designed in Australia and ethically and sustainably produced in Bali, Indonesia 

What they're made of:

Sterling silver.

Size & Fit: 

  • Stud Circle diameter 0.6cm
  • Jacket Circle diameter 1.6cm
  • Post length 1cm

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