Gabrielle Candle | Mint

Colour: Opaque Mint

Say hello to Gabrielle! The latest addition to Maison Balzac's collection of sculptural, quirky candles, Gabrielle is candy-coloured and stands tall all on her own. Mix and match with other candles from the brand.


Sold individually

20cm high

Burn time approximately 14-16 hours

100% stearin wax from the kernel of palm fruits | Certified RSPO (roundtable on sustainable palm oil), from Indonesia

Stearin wax being a natural resource, it is biodegradable. Candle residues can be added to organic waste or compost

Made in Java, Indonesia

Please note that due to the nature of the wax, our candles may produce a soft white film on the outside. This is known as blooming, and is a naturally occurring process. It in no way affects the quality or burning of the candle, and can be removed with a gentle wipe with a soft cloth.

The candle wax is quite soft and might show minor marks on its surface. This may happen during transportation, and we hope this won't deter from the beauty of its shape and colour!

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