Gum Blossom Thread Earrings | Silver

Colour: Sterling Silver

Part of our Australian native flora and fauna collection, the Gum Blossom Thread Earrings are the gum tree flower reimagined in a modern drop style. From May Gibbs’ Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, to summer bushwalks, and childhood backyards, almost everyone has a memory associated with this flower. They are designed to be light and comfortable for every day wear, and have been tried and tested by staff to ensure they are the perfect length so as not to get caught in scarves and necklaces. 

Jim & Jane love the simple drop design of the Gum Blossom Thread Earrings’which move with you and reflect the light, making them ideal for dancing, shimmying, or vigorous head-nodding. 

What they're made of:

Sterling silver 

Where they're made:

Designed in Australia and ethically and sustainably produced in Bali, Indonesia

Size & Fit:

Gum Blossom depth: 1.5cm

Gum Blossom width: 1.5cm 

Gum Blossom Hight: 2cm
Thread length: 5cm

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