Half Penny Chain Earring


Paying tribute to the Antipodeans, and the somewhat fading tradition of coin collecting, these stud earrings feature authentic vintage half-penny coins that have been reimagined with modern chain detailing. First minted in 1911 (with production ceasing in 1964), the halfpenny is a little slice of Australian history. Each coin is entirelly unique, and will have circulated through several world wars, leadership changes, and passed through hundreds of hands each with their own special histories.

Available in gold (both silver and gold chains), or silver (just silver chains). Each coin minted and dated from different years.

What it's made of

Vintage Half-Penny: Bronze (cooper, tin, and nickel)

Finish: Sterling silver or 22K gold vermeil (2 micron plating) over sterling silver.

Where it's made

Sustainably and ethically produced in Bali, Indonesia

Size Details

Length from top of penny to bottom of chain 7.5cm

Widest point 2.5cm


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