Ilona Catchall | Blanc

Colour: Blanc

Meet Ilona: a sculptural catchall created by Maison Balzac to hold anything and everything. Handcrafted from natural wax, we love the organic, smooth silhouette of this piece that ages with use. Perfect for earrings, loose change, or whatever treasures you may find!

Available here in white.


Height 5.5cm, Width at widest point 13.5cm.           

Made from 100% Stearin wax. 

This object is made of natural wax and variations in both texture and surface appearance are intrinsic to the design. Possible discolouration, cracking, scratches or surface blemishes are all part of the natural charateristics of this wax object, and will occur with use. Should you wish to maintain the original quality of the object, we recommend following all care instructions. However, we advise you use this object with this in mind, and embrace the natural wear with use over time. 


Intended for trinkets and small objects, please note scratches can arise. 

Store in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight, heat sources and open flames. 

As this is a wax object, any form of extreme heat can change the intended shape and appearance. 

Not to be used for any food presentation purposes. 

To clean dust and residue we recommend alternating between a clean damp and soft dry cloth to gently wipe affected areas. 

Do not soak.                

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