Jojoba Seed Exfoliating Soap


Jojoba oil (pronounced 'hyohyoba' for the purists out there) is very similar to the oil produced naturally by our skin. This means that unllike many soaps and cleansers, this won't mess with your skin's natural protective barrier. The Jojoba Seed Exfoliating Soap from Australian favourite Salus is an ultra-hydrating bar soap with ground coconut shell to lightly scrub away dead skin cells. Perfect as an everyday soap, its exfoliating properties also make it an excellent pre-tanning or pre-shaving cleanser. 


100% Australian made from local ingredients

No artificial colours or fragrances, SLS, glycols, parabens or mineral oils

Vegan and cruelty free


Key Ingredients

Ground Coconut Shell gently exfoliates skin without irritating or drying

Jojoba Oil hydrating, helps to repair and maintain the skin's natural moisture barrier 

Shea Butter

Ingredients List

Jojoba seed, orange essential oil, ground coconut shell, shea butter, vitamin e


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