Ligurian Bee Silver Pin

Colour: Sterling Silver

Ligurian Bees are a rare bunch- rescued from the Italian Alps in the 1880s, the world's last remaining pure stock of bees now live on Kangaroo Island where they buzz around happy and isolated from the rest of the world. Sadly, the 2020 bushfires meant that the dwindling population became even smaller- the fires are thought to have destroyed ¼ of beehives on the island. 

Our little Ligurian Bee Pin means that you can now show off this little guy in all its metallic glory. Wear on your blazer lapel or pin to your scarf.

Details & Dimensions

Sterling silver plated brass

1cm x 1.5cm.

Classic badge push pin.

Exclusive to Jim & Jane.

Handcrafted in Indonesia.


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