Chotto Motto

Magic Spicy Dust


Chotto Motto's Magic Spicy Dust, otherwise known as Shichimi Togarashi, is a kind of Japanese 7 Spice Seasoning that's been around since the 17th cenutry, when street vendors in the Edo Period would speak of its wondrous deliciousness. Made with the Melbourne Eatery's special mix of hemp, chilli, ginger, and more to create a complex seasoning that's spicy, toasty, umami, and nutty all at once.

Sprinkle over ramen, just about anything with rice, or avo toast- this seasoning is the stuff of magic and will brighten up just about anything! A fantastic gift for foodies and lovers of spice.


55g | Vegan

Handmade in Collingwood, Melbourne


chilli, hemp seed, ginger, yuzu peel, poppy seed, aonori (seaweed), sancho pepper, roasted sesame seeds



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