mason balzac's le soleil boxed candle
mason balzac's 1642 boxed candle
mason balzac's la romance boxed candle
mason balzac's Sainte T boxed candle
mason balzac's 1642 boxed candle
mason balzac's la chapelle boxed candle
mason balzac's le soleil boxed candle
a lit Maison Balzac Candle sitting on flowers

Scented Candle

$69.00 $

Maison Balzac candles makes bespoke, luxury fragranced candles designed to transport and transform. Each candle is made from handpoured soywax in a handblown glass container pretty enough to be recycled as a makeup brush or pen holder once finished.


280g soy wax, 2 cotton wicks, approximately 65hours burn time

Candle Care & Safety

Light on a stable, heat-resistant surface away from draughts or curtains. Never leave a burning candle unattended, and keep clear out of reach of children and pets. Trim the black end of the wick before each use to avoid excess smoke. After burning for a while allow to cool as glass container may have become very hot.

Le Soleil

Inspired by the memory of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning, this is sunshine in a candle. Light and citrusy, burn one of these in the dead of winter for an instant cure for SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Top Orange Flower - Middle Neroli - Bottom Tuberose


In collaboration with Sydney florist Doctor Cooper, 1642 pays tribute to Adriaen Van Utrecht's 17th century vanitas of a bouquet and skull.

Top Violet - Middle Blackberry- Bottom Cedarwood

La Chapelle

Elise Pioch made this fragrance in memory of the small church house she grew up in. Smoky incense is cut with myrrh and frakincense, making this a subtler and much chicer version of the overwhelming haze of your local tarot reader's cheap incense. Evoking the sacred atmosphere of a church, light this candle to inspire serenity and calm in your home.

Top Incense - Middle Myrrh - Bottom Mediterannean Cistus

Sainte T

In collaboration with Sydney florist Doctor Cooper Studio, this is a fresh candle intended to evoke the fragrance of a thousand fresh cut flowers. Sainte T, its namesake, was a French Carmelite nun known as the patron saint of florists.

Top Green Leaf - Middle Rose - Bottom Musk

La Romance

Produced in collaboration with Aussie fashon darling Romance Was Born, this is a light and playful floral-scented candle with a citrus kick.

Top Bitter Orange Zest - Middle Cypress - Bottom Patchouli