Body Exfoliation Mitt


'Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me': so went the famous words sung by a young Susan Sarandon in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and so go the painful cries of a body untouched by Salus' Body Exfoliation Mitt. Bi-weekly exofliation using this mitt from Salus is an must for soft, silky skin. Made from pure hemp fibre, this mitt promotes circulation and sloughs away dead skinc cells, leaving skin glowing and healthy.

How to use

Use 2-3 times weekly in the shower with a good quality soap. Use small circular motions to exfoliate the whole body (don't forget behind the ears). Follow with a good body moisturiser or oil.


100% Australian made from local ingredients. Free from synthetic dyes and colours. 

What it's made from

100% natural hemp fibre


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