Perfumed Cord | La Chapelle


Evoking the sacred and time-worn atmsophere of a calming church (hence the name, La Chapelle), La Chapelle is a calming fragrance from Maison Balzac with notes of sandalwood and frankincense.

Religious or not, the La Chapelle Incense has an otherworldly and subtle fragrance that will relax your surrounds.

Maison Balzac's perfumed cord is a clever spool of scented rope that can be used to wrap presents, kept in your linen drawer, or lit like incense.


This spool holds approximately 2 metres of impeccable quality scented cord, handmade on the Island of Awaji in Japan.  

To use simply pinch the cord to 5cm in length with the metal clip, place on the non-flammable felt mat, ignite as you would an incense stick and breathe deeply.   

Olfactive notes: Sandalwood, frankincense

Ingredients: 100% cord, natural oils

Specially made to be used with accompanying non-flammable felt mat and metal clip. 

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