Relaxed Cashmere Wrap Cardigan | Rye


Designed by, roadtested, and loved by us, this Relaxed Cashmere Coat is a cozy classic for winter. This is a longline cardigan, with a draped, folded neckline. Wear open over a t-shirt and our leather shorts, or with our Champagne maxi and sneakers.

Available here in Rye, this colourway is crafted from undyed, untreated cashmere in its raw, natural state.

Styling & Fit

One size fits all.

Composition & Care

100% Cashmere.

Shave regularly, pilling occurs most frequently when cashmere is brand new; Use a razor blade, lint tape, or special de-pilling device carefully where friction pilling may have occured.

No need to wear and wash, we recommend wearing your garment a minimum of three wears or more before washing - assuming you've had no spills.

Handwash in cold water (heat shrinks natural fibres) with specialist cashmere wash, soaking it anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Do not wring out your garment, rather roll it up gently in a towel to absorb excess water then lay it out gently on a flat surface to dry in the shade. Be delicate, as cashmere is at its most fragile when fibres are wet.

Handmade in Mongolia.

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