Round Baking Dish | Individual


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Endlessly versatile and a kitchen workhorse, this baking dish from La Chamba is a traditional piece of Colombian cookware crafted from locally mined clay. Dating back at least 700 years, this style of cookware has been made and used in the same way across the region. Hand fashioned from dark grey clay, each piece is coated in a black terracotta glaze that's porous and allows heat and moisture to circulate better, also imparting a slightly smoky flavour into your food. 

La Chamba cookware can be used in just about any kitchen scenario, and looks just as beautiful for presenting food. These baking dishes are perfect for individual portions of curries, stews, or baked eggs.

Details & Dimensions

19 x 13 x 4.5cm

Moulded by hand from dark grey clay, coated in a terracotta glaze

Before using, clean with a mild detergent, fill 3/4 with water and place in a 200c oven for 30 minutes to seal

Able to be dishwashed however handwashing recommended to extend the life of the patina. Use with wooden utensils also preferred

Stove, oven, grill, microwave, open fire and BBQ.

Due to handmade nature expect variations and imperfections

Avoid rapid changes in temperature (e.g. do not run under cold water immediately after taking from the oven)

Made in Colombia 

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