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Salt Cellar - Verde Green


Marrying function and elegance, these marble salt cellars make for a stylish tabletop accent. Cut from green marble, each piece is a one off, displaying an organic silhouette and unique veins and patterns that are characteristic of marble. Features a polished top and rough edges and base, and an indent for salt. Perfect for summer entertaining, or on the kitchen bench as a trusty helper for the seasoned cook.

Available here displaying the deep forest green hues of Green Marble.

Gift this Christmas with one of The Seasonal's delicious salts.


100% Verde Green Marble

15cm x 9cm x 2cm*

*Please note that due to the handcut nature and organic aesthetic of each piece, measurements are only approximate and do vary. Due to the nature of marble, each piece will also display a unique pattern of veins and webbing. Revel in the fact that each piece is entirely unique and yours to treasure. If two are ordered as a pair, we will do our best to pick the best looking two that match according to size and shape.

Care instructions

Avoid acidic and oily substances from coming into contact with the marble.

Wash after each use with mild detergent and warm water.

Avoid sharp cutlery from coming into contact with marble.

Lastly, admire the patina your piece will develop over time.

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