Meet our new range of all natural serums from Serum Factory: a crew of six skin-boosting superheroes each designed to target a specific skincare woe. Think of these as little superchargers to add a little boost to your daily routine: the beauty equivalent of a supplement with your morning toast. All you need are a few drops daily to tighten, tone, or hydrate. Layer a combination of serums after your daily cleanser and before your moisturiser for extra benefits.  



All Natural and Australian made,

Vegan, No animal testing

Green chemistry

Party Peel

Containing a host of super actives that are clinically proven to exfoliate, plump and brighten the skin, the Party Peel is the ultimate multitasker. Apply a few drops before an evening out, and enjoy your night as its vitamins and antioxidants work to have your skin looking plump and fresh by morning.

< Superfoods: Strawberry: Brightening antioxidant, Hibiscus: Firming, Watermelon: Hydrating, Raspberry: Anti-inflammatory

< Super actives 30%, Mandelic Acid 4%: Anti-inflammatory exfoliator, Lactic acid 10%: Smoothes and softens, Symcare: Soothes and moisturises, Enzymes 6%: Exfoliates and improves cellular renewal, Trealix: Improves immerdiate skin hydration by 40%, Marimoist: Recharges hydration

Firm Face

Firm Face's super actives are clinically proven to firm, tighten and plump the skin. 

<Superfoods: Blackcurrant: Potent antioxidant, Palmarosa: Balances hydration levels, Pomegrante enzyme: Skin smoothing, Indigo root: Fights free radicals, Acai berry: Antioxidant protection

< Super actives 16% Encapsulated, Symmatrix: Firming and strenghtening, Commipheroline: Natural botox action, Rosmarinyl glucoside: Protects against collagen breakdown, Ellagi-C: Stimulates collagen and decreases wrinkle depth, Stimulhyal: Firms the skin by increasing elastin production, D-glycargine: Helps repair the signs of ageing caused by glycation, Cabiolift: Immediate lifting and anti wrinkle effect, Fucocert: Boosts hydration and reduced inflammation 

Pigmentation Blur

Pigmentation Blur's super actives are clinically proven to lighten pigmentation and brighten the complexion. Over time, 

< Superfoods: papain enzyme: Exfoliating, Mandarin: Shoothing, Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, Seabuckthorn: Cellular support

< Super actives 15% Encapsulated, Axolight: Powerful skin lightener, Brightenyl: Skin brightening and colour correcting active, Unilucent Pa-13: Depigmenting agent, Wakamine Xp: Skin lightning active, Fucocert: Anti-inflammatory

Red Rescue

Red Rescue's super actives are clinically proven to help extinguish redness and target sensitivity- a lifesaver for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

< Superfoods: Allantoin: Healing, Bisabolol/ Chamomile/ Cucumber: Calming, Chlorophyll> Detoxifier, Earth minerals: Colour correcting

< Super actives 16% Encapsulated, Ceramidone: Skin barrier restructurer, Unisooth pn-47: Extinguishes redness, Endothelyol: Visibly reduces skin redness and rosacea symptoms, Pentavitin: Deeply moisturises, Fucocert: Super soother and hydrator, Symcare: Soothes and moisturises 

Pimple Punch

Pimple Punch's super actives are clinically proven to balance oiliness, inhibit bacteria, and cleanse pores for a clear, healthy complexion.

< Superfoods: Charcoal: Absorbs excess oils and toxins, Probiotic: Defends against bad bacteria, Blueberry: Potent antioxidant, Eucalyptus blue gum: Antiseptic qualities, Pink grapefruit and bergamot: Astringent

< Super actives 17% Encapsulated: Zincidone: Fights bacteria and regulates oil, Vit-a-like: Helps the healing process, Matilook: Reduces the visibility of poresize and skin shine, Niacinamide: Regulates sebum, reduces redness and minimises enlarged pores Saniskin: Protects sebum against oxidization and skin inflammation, Totarol: Active against acne bacteria, Fucocert: Reduces inflammation

Super Drink

Like a tall drink of water for thirsty skin, Super Drink's super actives are clinically proven to refill hydration levels within the skin. 

< Superfoods: Aloe Vera: Soothing and hydrating, Palmarosa: Balance hydrayion levels. Sweet orange: Soothing, Tansy: Anti-inflammatory, Bergamot: Tones, Spirulina: Antioxidant

< Super actives 24% Encapsulated: Eau de source marine 80%: unique moisturising water, Marimoist: Recharges hydration, Hyaluronic acid: Increases skin hydration, Pentavitin: Increasing skin's moisture reservoir for 72 hours, Fucocert: Increases hydration by 44% one hour after apllication, Lactic acid: Strengthens the acid mantle to protect hydration

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