kitx sacred geo maxi skirt
kitx sacred geo maxi skirt
kitx sacred geo maxi skirt
kitx sacred geo maxi skirt print detail "compassionate human"
kitx sacred geo maxi skirt print and zip detail
kitx sacred geo maxi skirt

Sacred Geo Skirt

$595.00 $

You know what's really sexy? Caring about the environment. Having lived- nay, thrived- on our planet for more than 140 million years, our bee populations are now in crisis due to increasingly extreme temperatures, agricultural chemicals, and the parasitic Varroa mite. Scientists estimate that a third of the bee population has disappeared in the past five years. Bees pollinate the food we need to survive, and their presence is an indicator of the health of an ecosystem. Without them, humans simply cannot survive.

The Sacred Geo Skirt by Kitx seeks to shed light on this situation, and is crafted from 100% organic silk, meaning no pesticides or fertilisers are used in its production. All this aside, this skirt is beautiful in its own right, with a unique tesselated hive print, elastic waistband, and asymmetrical hem. 

Styling & Fit

True to size. Looks great with a simple white t-shirt and sneakers, or can be dressed up with stilettos and a structured blouse. 

Composition & Care

100% Organic Silk

Eco Dry-Clean Only