Turmeric Tea


Delicious, good for you, and a stunning golden hue, Turmeric Tea is fast-becoming one of our favourites and giving Chai a run for its money as a sweet afternoon pick me up. Blended by Love Tea in Melbourne from organic herbs and spices, this special mix contains turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger, all well known anti-inflammatories. A warming and grounding tea, brew as a herbal tea, turn into iced tea, or heat with milk and a bit of honey for a turmeric latte.


100% Certified Organic and Fairtrade Ingredients | Caffeine free

75g boxed (biodegradable box), loose leaf tea

Hand packed in Melbourne

Origins: Egypt, Indonesia, Sri Lanka


Turmeric, cinnamon, rooibos*, honey bush, ginger*, black pepper*

*Fair trade ingredients.

Due to a worldwide shortage in vanilla, this blend currently does not contain any vanilla pieces.


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