"Wipe away your Sins" Hemp Face Pads


Combat unecessary landfill and get a squeaky clean face with our 100% reusable face pads. The most important part of any skincare routine is the first step: the cleansing. Remove makeup, pollution build up, and sweat with a few of our facepads and some makeup remover and follow with a cleanser for a clean base for serums and moisturisers. Crafted from a blend of hemp and cotton, these are entirely organic and biodegradable. 

What They're Made From

70% Hemp; 30% Cotton

Organic & Biodegradable

Natural colour with grey embroidered edge


Set of 7 Face Pads

Cotton Wash Bag

How to Use

Squeeze on your favourite cleanser, oil or make up remover and wipe away that pesky war paint and dirt with our lightly exfoliating tool. When finished pop in provided wash bag and add to your washing machine. Line or tumble dry. 

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